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Car Paint Chip Repair Options

A chip in your car paint doesn’t have to be detrimental, there are solutions to repair the paint chip. There are a few options for car paint chip repair. You can choose to work with a professional body shop or repair the chipped paint at home. There are kits to work with at home and if you decide a professional is the way to go costs to consider. You should always check with your automobile insurance before you proceed to see if the repair is covered.

Paint Repair covered by Insurance?

Depending on how your paint was chipped it may be covered under your car insurance policy. If it was as a result of an accident, weather conditions or vandalism you may be covered. Always document damage when it occurs or you notice it first. Most insurance companies will ask you to acquire repair quotes from a number of different body shops before you’re able to process the claim. Some insurance companies have a list of approved body shops they work directly with.

Professionals – Body Shops

Just about any body shop can handle car paint chip repairs, there are also mobile repair businesses that come to you. The cost of repair through one of these options is generally between $35 and $85 with an average cost of $50. You can get a quote ahead of time and compare the cost, quality and service before deciding which way to go. Body shops will also help in estimating and repairing chips that have began to rust.

Paint Matching, an important part of chip repair

The one component of car paint chip repair that intimidates most people is matching their car paint color. Professionals have access to the paint colors and mixing formulas of car manufacturers which means they can match your car paint exactly. Depending on the level of fading there may be a small amount of mismatch, but most body shops can alter the formula to account for this.

DIY Kits and more

If you want to preform your repair at home there are kits to help you do that. The average kit price is about $50 with shipping. Because kits use a paint match system you don’t have to worry about the color of your car. Kits also boast the repair properties of road rash. Road rash is the paint chipping you often see on fenders as a result of asphalt and rock spraying up and hitting your car. Depending on the level of fading your car paint has experienced, you may not get a perfect match with a car paint repair kit.